Low voltage Differential oscilloscope probe

Key features:


dProbe1000 Specification of electrical characteristics

Signal response
DC to 900 MHz (-3 dB)
Attenuation Differential Mode
10:1 (with 50 Ω termination)
Attenuation Common Mode @10 kHz
70 dB
Attenuation Common Mode @10 MHz
44 dB
Attenuation Common Mode @100 MHz
40 dB
Attenuation Flatness 100k to 500MHz
0.5 dB
Attenuation Flatness 500k to 900MHz
1.5 dB
4.56 mVRMS
Propagation delay without cable
1.28 ns
Propagation delay with 1.3m cable
9.36 ns
Rise time
250 ps (10% to 90%)
Step response overshoot
Step response ringing time
3.0 ns (1% Error band)
Output offset
±0.3 mV (1 min after power on)
Input Impedance
Single input Resistance
110 kΩ
Single input Capacitance
2.0 pF
Differential Resistance
220 kΩ
Differential Capacitance
1.8 pF
Input Voltage Range
Differential range
±15 V
Common mode range
±30 V
Single input range
±40 V
USB power supply
Voltage range
4 to 6 V
Supply current (@4.5 V)
120 mA
Output signal
Output impedance
50 Ω
Output voltage swing
±1.5 V
Mechanical dimensions
Length x Width x Height
110 x 21 x 17 mm
50 g / 300 g (without/with cables)
Signal cable length
1.6 m


USB power supply cable (USB-A to USB-microB) 1.5 m
Oscilloscope Signal cable (SMB to BNC 50Ω) 1.6 m
1x Pogo-pin head
2x Cable extenders (socket to pin 100 mm cable)
2x Mini test hook
2x Pogo pin
Ground lead
Storage Box (210 x 260 x 44 mm)

dProbe1000 documentation

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